"they are defenseless and easily murdered in their youths."
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These are pretty nice, so you thank the man of twists and turns for sharing them. Staring at your open palms, unsure of what it would mean if there were, you think that there just aren't enough stories written in second person. You wonder why.
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Page 2
You met your brother on the cobbled road before your father’s apartment building. Your brother wearing now a sporadic and misshapen beard and his tattered jacket, grayed with dust and dirt, while you in your brown silk dress, your gloves, your parasol. His eyes shifted from side to side when he saw you. You did not embrace. “Don’t say that man’s name before our father,” your brother said. “He thinks you’ve joined a convent.”

If you go inside your father's apartment building, turn to page 3.
If you explain that you actually did join a convent recently, turn to page 4.

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