Farewell to an old rock'n'roller...
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English rocker Tony Sheridan, who took the Beatles under his wing in their early Hamburg days, using them as one of his backing bands, acting as their fashion guru (outfitting them in sleek, bad boy black leather) and introducing them to the music of Little Richard, has died at age 72.

Here he is with the Fab Four themselves: My Bonnie (that's Pete Best on drums...)

Here's Tony in a spirited rendition of Ya Ya, which, contrary to the YouTube poster's credits, actually is not with the Beatles.

His laid back Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby perhaps features the Beatles, or, perhaps not... at any rate, his rockabilly crooning is convincing. And he sings "god damn" in it! Scandalous!

RIP Tony Sheridan.
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The radio doc, Are You Tony Sheridan?, is available for streaming. Among the stories Tony tells is one about the night he tried getting a ride with Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, but the car was full.
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The mentor to the Beatles in their Hamburg apprenticeship period. Oh what memories he must have had.

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Fortunately, the recordings still exist, and they are of surprisingly good fidelity considering the time period.
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I have a CD of him with the Beatles (which may or may not be legit) and its great rockabilly. Sometimes I wish that they'd never gone experimental and rock bands were still playing skiffle and rockabilly.
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Alas the ranks are thinning fast. (Shadow Morton is nearby.)

(Sheridan website/bio) (Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers, first time on American vinyl, April 11, 1962)
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