November 20, 2001
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Heres one for the Opera (the browser not the singy thing) snobs out there.
posted by zeoslap (11 comments total)
Why do companies feel the need to point fingers when this sort of thing happens? Just fix it, and your users will be happy. Generally speaking, anybody who even know about and uses Opera is fully aware of the Swiss-cheese that IE can be in terms of security.
posted by Su at 3:45 PM on November 20, 2001

Yeah, that'll teach them - a security hole. Its pretty much assumed that all software has security holes waiting to be discovered. Some simply do a better job at security than others.
posted by skallas at 3:47 PM on November 20, 2001

This afflicts IE as well
posted by tomorama at 3:48 PM on November 20, 2001

I doubt Opera will be trying to hush it up though.
posted by dlewis at 3:49 PM on November 20, 2001

"The singy thing"? I weep for you.
posted by UrbanFigaro at 8:06 PM on November 20, 2001

I was joking, I weep for you.
posted by zeoslap at 9:09 PM on November 20, 2001

well i've been using opera, but it crashes and siezes up all the time, as does the email......

not really impressed at all really. or is it me?
posted by quarsan at 1:11 AM on November 21, 2001

It's you.
posted by kchristidis at 2:09 AM on November 21, 2001

Opera hit some sour notes for me too (v5.0). No encore.
posted by StOne at 6:36 AM on November 21, 2001

Version 6 is really snazzy. Check it out if you're inclined. Mozilla's giving them a run for their money though, with the new tabbed interface and cookie management.

Oh, and zeoslap, what was that headling supposed to mean? Opera sucks as much as all the other browsers out there so ha ha? That smarts.
posted by owen at 9:43 AM on November 21, 2001

Even if it were free and ad-free, I wouldn't be inclined to try Opera again. (I gotta say it, can't help myself: the fat lady has sung.)
posted by StOne at 11:17 PM on November 21, 2001

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