"This is the Amazon as one imagines it as a child"
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"Hi, my name is Paul Rosolie. I'm a naturalist based out of southern Peru and today I'm headed into the jungle to show you a place that very few people have gotten to see. I'm in the Madre de Dios region of Peru, this is the far western Amazon and some of the deepest jungle on earth."
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Good luck Paul. But the dominant economic model is not generally sympathetic to mother nature.
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Fantastic video. Man, the things I'd never see if not for the internet...
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Nice - I worked close to there for 5 months a few years ago, studying the saddleback tamarin. One of the folks who was at the same research station as me had a short-eared dog who I believe had been confiscated from illegal gold miners very close to where I worked. Anyway, he stayed leashed under this researcher's cabin, and they'd take him out for walks and occasionally run into other short-eared dogs (especially females, who apparently thought this guy was pretty attractive). Once, that researcher was out of town and I got to feed the dog for a few nights. The first night I went to feed him, he had killed a coral snake by biting off its head. He was pretty awesome.
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I see "Madre de Dios region" and I think to myself that this is how it got its name:

Mother of God! What are we doing in this godforsaken jungle? We're gonna die!
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The video was more than I expected, and the narration very natural (contrast with Discovery Channel style). Thanks for a great post with some lovely critters. To other readers, don't skip the text interview on that page!
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There are a few more videos on Rosolie's blog.
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Wow, that is really cool. I'm glad I get to enjoy it via video, though, because I sure as hell would not want to be there. Jungles are not real fun places to be for soft Westerners. Hell, they're not tremendously fun for nearly everyone.

The natives always want to cut the stuff down because they want nice, quiet, safe farms and roads and houses. If I lived there, I would want to do that too, biodiversity be damned.
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Actually, no they do not.
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When reading the headline, I immediately thought of a gigantic, magic warehouse in which every consumer good in the world could be found.
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Wow. His point of so much being in one place is well made. Still, I don't think I'll visit.
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