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Flooded? A hurricane hit your house? Somebody left a cake book out in the rain and you'll never see that recipe again? Courtesy of Heritage Preservation: how to save wet books.
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Interesting. I'd developed most of these techniques independently. Thanks, drunken flailing!
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This is a lovely page.

There were always two or three paperbacks shoved down the side of the hotpress in our house growing up. Casualties of bath reading.
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Pretty close to the SO's techniques. Save the precious, precious recipes!
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Yeah, the problems with ebooks is riffling the pixels apart to allow water to drain properly.
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In a similar vein, the National Archive has details on how to dry out several kinds of printed material. Most of it is the same as the link in the first post, but there's a few extra details on things such as glossy prints and framed items.
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On a similar note, I found this PDF of useful links while working in the archives department of a local museum.

Museums, naturally, have a strong interest in disaster recovery and preserving texts, photos, etc that have gotten wet.
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There's also this from the National Library of Medicine.
Bonus - The Florence Flood blog. In 1966, a catastrophic flood spurred development in many conservation and recovery techniques. Mud Angels to the rescue!
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Too late to save the many books I lost in a flood. They mildew really fast. It still upsets me, and I still miss so many of the books. Lost the art books and the beginning of fiction (yes, shelved, and packed, alphabetically and by section). Favorite authors Brunner, Colwin, Drabble, all gone. Cookbooks, why not take easily replaceable cookbooks?
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Dammit, I need to hear this two floods ago.
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