Head of the Dragon: The Rise of New Shanghai
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Fascinating read...

The rapidity with which Shanghai has grown is astonishing, and the cruelty with which it has been achieved equally so.

Oh yeah, and; A statue of James Bond? WTF?
posted by Jughead at 8:48 PM on February 23, 2013

Sticking my head in here to mention Qin Shao's forthcoming book Shanghai Gone: Domicide and Defiance in a Chinese Megacity

"This compelling book is the first to apply the concept of domicide—the eradication of a home against the will of its dwellers—to the sweeping destruction of neighborhoods, families, and life patterns to make way for the new Shanghai. Here we find the holdouts and protesters, men and women who have stubbornly resisted domicide and demanded justice. Qin Shao follows, among others, a reticent kindergarten teacher turned diehard petitioner; a descendant of gangsters and squatters who has become an amateur lawyer for evictees; and a Chinese Muslim who has struggled to recover his ancestral home in Xintiandi, an infamous site of gentrification dominated by a well-connected Hong Kong real estate tycoon."
posted by spamandkimchi at 11:22 PM on February 23, 2013

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