No surfers were harmed in the making of this video
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Nervous seals, a pack of orcas, surfers, and a guy with a camera. February 23rd--Orcas in the lineup near Tofino, British Columbia.
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saw this earlier today. beautiful footage. this whole 'winter' has been glorious here on the BC coast. (might look nasty in the video but Tofino is like the rain capital of the coast, or the country, or the continent - I forget, but it rains a lot there).
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Yeah, I saw this earlier today - it's really interesting!

I kept trying to figure out what the orcas were chasing. I don't think it was the Stellar sea lions that were popping up, and at one point a Pacific White-sided dolphin showed up, too. There might have been herring, or perhaps some Chinook or Spring salmon, which should be around right now.
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I should have said "a pod of orcas". Dang.
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Pack sounds more badass though, which is the image the Orcas were going for in this case.
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Screw the seals, that guy with the surfboard needs to get the hell out of there.
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In other Cetacean news: Dolphin Assisted Fishing.
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Fun little ride at the end.

I wonder what the heck is going on there though? Pretty unusual to have *that much* seal AND orca action going on that close to shore. Thoughts?
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@lamkimiam, Pretty standard for the PNW really. Remarkable but not unusual.
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Fuk me. They are coming for us.
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They're probably both after the same fish.
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It is very scenic......50 degree water, big rocks everywhere, water infested with large carnivores with big teeth and prey animals that look like you. The only thing that would make such a place less enticing to swim/surf would be a lava flow.
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Not that this has ever happened to me, but one of the reasons why I surf, even on days when the waves are small or the tide isn't ideal, is for the wildlife. Birds and deals and otters and dolphins and whales. You get to see them all up close, pretty regularly. And you don't care as much that the waves are only 1 foot when you get to watch a mother sea otter hunting shellfish to feed a little baby sea otter that's following it around.
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I don't surf but that's one of the reasons I kayak. I've had some pretty amazing encounters out on the ocean.
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As someone who once unknowingly chummed the water for about 45 minutes from a sliced-open foot while surfing, I can only say that I'm impressed (but I'm not sure that's exactly the word I'm looking for) by the people who stay in the water and keep catching waves as the orca fins get closer.

If you surf and have that "I wonder what's going on under me right now" feeling from time to time, check this out:
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hard to tell what was going on but it didn't seem like meal time by the languid way the biggest eaters cruised around and the fact the seals or sea lions didn't bolt. makes you wonder what kind of communication might have been happening between the various species.

oddest of all: the best wave gets snapped up by a boogie boarder.
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