Harm Reduction Talk Controversy
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The Ada Initiative's Valerie Aurora got Violet Blue's Hackers As A High-Risk Population (29c3 abstract) talk on harm reduction methodology pulled from the Security BSides meeting in San Francisco by claiming it contained rape triggers.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This seems like it's a bit short on info, with only one side, briefly presented. If there's a good discussion to be had about this, maybe you can work it up a little more to keep it from just being outrage fodder? -- taz

As far as I can tell, the talk in the video isn't the talk that was cancelled. I realise Violet Blue links to it, but either she's not very good at writing descriptions, or this is a totally different talk. The cancelled talk reads like it's a safe sex workshop put on from a harm reduction perspective and the 29c3 talk is appears to mostly be about harm reduction in the abstract.
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