ENGLISHWOMEN: Express surprise that they can have pretty children.
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You too can sound like tedious Second Empire bourgeois making small talk if you follow Flaubert's Dictionary of Received Ideas! A satrical collection of cant, cliche, and "expected" opinions of the French middle-classes around 1870 - List Of Entrees alphabetical - List by subject.
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Wow, a link that goes to Robot Wisdom?!?

See also The Devil's Dictionary from Ambrose Bierce.
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DEICIDE Wax indignant over it, even though the crime is somewhat infrequent.

Flaubert just had to wait a few decades to play some JRPGs, there'd be plenty to thunder about there.

MELON Nice topic for dinner-table conversation. Is it a vegetable or a fruit?

Stalled conversations are a thing of the past!
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SQUARING THE CIRCLE Nobody knows what it is, but shrug your shoulders at any mention of it.

Actually, I could probably talk about this for 15 minutes. But everyone listening would just shrug their shoulders.

INFINITESIMAL Nobody knows what it means, but it has something to do with homeopathy.

...which is another thing nobody knows what it means.
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ANGER METAFILTER Stirs the blood: it is healthy to be angry now and then.
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IT: is what it is.
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METAFILTER A word used mostly by educated cranks to describe a plate of beans.
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I was the child of an English woman, and very pretty I was too. Then something went wrong. Something generally does, with English people. Our genes are wack. Fortunately we have our charm, humour and terrific bed skills to make up for it.
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I love this, i am so glad that it's online!
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Squaring the circle:

Given any polygon, it is possible to construct a square with the same area as the polygon, using only a straightedge and compass. This is called squaring the polygon. Squaring the circle is doing this with a circle, but it is impossible to do with a straightedge and compass, because the square root of π is transcendental, and therefore not constructible.

And now you know.
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CATS Cut off their tails to prevent vertigo.

Yours or the cats?
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Does anyone else get the feeling that "Thunder against it." is code for something naughty?
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The Barzun translation is magnificent, but if you read French there's nothing like the original. Team Flaubert 4 Lyfe!
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blue_beetle, "Tonner contre" is just Flaubert for "grar".
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COGNAC Very harmful. Excellent for several ailments. A glass of cognac never did anybody any harm. Taken before breakfast, kills intestinal worms.
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