The Grateful New Riders of The Crosby Airplane
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Thank you. I am listening. If only all the so-called soft rock of early 70s Southern California was even remotely as rewarding If Only I Could Remember My Name. A damned fine album from beginning to end.
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Woah! This was an unexpected treat. Thanks!

I'd get all mad about how IICORMN is NOT SOFT ROCK, but these jams are way too mellow.
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Steve Silberman, the "notes" compiler in the first link, is MeFi's Own™ Digaman*.

Cool post -- thanks!

*(Not a stalker, just someone who has long admired Steve's Dead-related prose as well as his stuff for Wired.)
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aah, yeah.


Not just the musical virtuosity and soul, but also the resonance: the time machine effect.

Magic stuff. Thanks.
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So, downloadable apparently, but not as a single file. Or am I missing something? Heck, I'd even buy CDs.
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Just reading the notes gave me a rush, because I was a roadie for a SF rock group called The Sons of Champlin from 1968 until 2010. All the SF rockers named in the notes were people I dealt with regularly. For years we worked the Bill Graham New Year's Eve concerts, with the Dead, Airplane, Quicksilver and the like.

The Sons were managed by West Pole, the same agency that handled Quicksilver (and Ace of Cups and Freedom Highway).

The one time I met David Crosby, he sat down next to me on the side of the stage at my roadie post, during a concert at Winterland with The Band. It surprised me because I didn't know who he was. Getting onto Bill Graham's stage without the proper credentials was harder than scoring a SuperBowl touchdown, because you had to get past bigger guys. He kept telling me how great The Sons were, and afterward I found out who he was when the guys said, "So you and David Crosby are pals now?" Nope. Only time I talked to him.

I've seen Janis Joplin naked, smoked a joint with Jerry Garcia, and rode mountain bikes to the top of Mount Tam in the middle of the night with Bob Weir. Thanks for the memories.
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Steve Silberman, the "notes" compiler in the first link, is MeFi's Own™ Digaman*.

(And The WELL's). Thanks for catching that -- I was just going to email him because I knew he'd be excited about this.
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"What Are Their Names" could be an anthem for the Occupy movement.
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I wonder who they are
The men who really run this land
And I wonder why they run it
With such a thoughtless hand

What are their names

And on what streets do they live
I'd like to ride right over
This afternoon and give
Them a piece of my mind
About peace for mankind
Peace is not an awful lot to ask

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The PERRO material is some of my favorite music I have collected over the years, there are many version, some resulted in bootlegs, other circulating via online trading sources. If anyone is interested in knowing more please pm me.
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