USTR still pushing ACTA on Canada
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Canada's Harper government has introduced an ACTA compliance bill at the behest of the USTR, despite the treaty being dead elsewhere.

ACTA would come into force in the countries that ratify it after six countries do so, but only Japan has ratified ACTA at present.
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Despite a lack of evidence to suggest that Canada is a major source of counterfeit product, the bill puts at risk the fully-legal parallel import of generic items — pharmaceuticals, for instance. The bill would also change copyright infringement from a civil dispute to a breach of criminal law. Pity Canada if this bill is enacted!"

Well, gosh.
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There's a certain something that is characterizing legislation, not always from the right but usually. Or perhaps, it would be better to describe what is now missing: legislating towards fixing problems for the public good. Now we have legislation for the benefit of a subsection of the public or for the benefit of the ruling body.

It rankles.
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Just think, if only we had this kind of political leadership at the beginning of last century, we'd have clearer skies and less risk of global warming.

That said, we would still have to get our horses shod regularly, and would have that problem of navigating through unpaved streets filled with running excrement.
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It rankles.

Take it up with ALEC. They're all ears.
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Anytime the US wants to offer Harper residency would be fine with us.
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Evil motherfuckers gonna be evil.
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Harper is a goat-fucker. Full story at 11.

Seriously, this doesn't surprise any Canadian who has been paying attention over the last few years.
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I'm curious if parallel medical imports play any significant role in keeping down healthcare costs in Canada. If so, Mezentian's quote suggests one important lobby behind this : pharmaceutical companies who wish to charge as much in Canada as in the U.S.
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Or maybe they wish to stop legal parallel medical imports from Canada? Is Harper aiming to raise medical costs in Canada or back stab the Canadian generics companies, or both?
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I'd guess a backstab to the Generics.

Because they do that sort of Beyond Evil stuff all the time in the part of the world that is best described by someone as "Poorblackistan" (I forget who coined that one) because copyright (of medication, genomes, DNA, music) is more important than life.

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Let's not forget this is the same government that defeated a bill that would have allowed the export of generic AIDS drugs to Africa. They have consistently favoured industry over, well, humanity.
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It's a (relatively) warm Saturday, and I can't bear to think about this now. With a majority Conservative government there's nothing we can do, except maybe protest. There's no checks or balances to ensure the bill gets a proper vetting. If it wasn't for people like Michael Geist the general public wouldn't even know this bill existed.

What are the ramifications? Who knows! The government wants to pretend it addresses the "problem" of counterfeit goods, because there are just so many of those flooding the market. They're not being honest about it, so Mr. Geist's informed speculation is the best information anyone is going to get.
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I can't think of anything that could prevent this bill from passing. Public protests don't gain much traction without support from the media, and the media are owned by the very content providers who stand to benefit from this.
Canada is a small-c conservative country now. I guess it's taken me a while to finally realize that.
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Canada is a small-c conservative country now. I guess it's taken me a while to finally realize that.

It always was, I think. '68 to '84 was an interregnum of sanity.
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Harper is a goat-fucker.

Although accurate in spirit, I fear this is an insult to goats everywhere.
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Canada is largely controlled and governed by a loose confederation of criminals, ranging from your ordinary Hell's Angels (highest per capita in the world!) to money launderers (hello, Lotto corps and casinos!) to theft of public holdings (see: BC ALR sell-off and PPP projects) to arms smuggling and outrageous cost overruns, kickbacks, and bribes (burn in hell, SNC Lavalin).

It is of exceedingly little surprise that the PMO, repeat offenders against election law, parlimentary tradition, and suppressors of science, are bought and sold by corporate interests.

Despite appearances, Canada is deeply fucked up.
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Why all the helpless dispare? All countries are governed by criminals! All of them! Yeah, the Scandinavians and Germans look awfully legit until a Julian Assange comes along or Goldman Sacks needs some tax payers to rip off, but really they're all criminals. Power corrupts. If you dislike their latest crime, you publicize it's criminal nature so that committing said crime might help different criminals gain more power.
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