Hollywood's Bug Man
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Bug Art - Steven Kutcher creates paintings using bugs as living brushes. He's probably more noted as the working entomologist on a number of Hollywood films, including Arachnophobia. Bonus: Steven's E-Z Bug Collector Method (via FLUXO)
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Haha! Great stuff! And here's the perfect music to listen to while viewing the bug art!
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That is perfect, flapjax - thanks ;-)
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I just worked with Steven on an episode of The Mentalist. He helped us pour twenty thousand giant grubs on an actress playing the murder victim. He and his partner brought in the grubs, took care of them, and helped the actress (who was a real trooper) during the filming. They have a checklist for what to do when getting bugs poured on you. You know, nose plugs, ear plugs, panty hose.

He's a very interesting guy, and has that strange calm of someone who is doing exactly what he wants to be doing with his life.
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Having just again stopped my six year old from stepping on a silverfish in the bathroom because "they are living creatures too" I am a little bit unclear if this is OK or some sort of bug abuse. I guess water colors are harmless, but I'd bet the bugs aren't even being paid union scale.
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I am a little bit unclear if this is OK or some sort of bug abuse.

I'm OK with it as long as he eats them when he's done toying with them.
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