Swimming with Spacemen
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How astronauts train for spacewalks in NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

bonus spacefun: Canadarm2 simulator.
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Good article. But "faintly of chlorine"? Like taking a boxing glove punch to the face is "faintly of fist," maybe.
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But "faintly of chlorine"?

Yes. That means the water is clean. The smell that most people think of as chlorine comes from chloramines, which results from chlorine interacting with bacteria, sweat, and other fun things. It's pools dealing with lots of that that end up smelling heavily of chlorine -- or pools where the water just isn't being kept clean, because of poor or inadequate filtration.

As clean as the NBL is, and as few people are in it (and the astronauts in training never actually touch the water, they're encapsulated in pressure suits) I wouldn't expect a strong "chlorine" smell.
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I was there on Tuesday, trust me, it smells.

But I did not know that about the source of the odor, so thank you.
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Neat article! Thanks for sharing.
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That article is terrific - everything in that is cool.

BeeDo, what were you doing there?
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