"the rare moments of child-like joy to the shadows of pain"
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Beyond the Swanson. Paste interviews Nick Offerman.
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I can't get to it without a log in. Is that a Canada issue or for everyone?
posted by Brockles at 5:44 PM on March 4, 2013

I got a pop-up that was removable with a click in the upper righthand corner.
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I got the pop up that jessamyn mentioned.
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I aspire to being Ron Swanson without the reactionary pseudo-libertarian politics.

So, basically, I aspire to being Nick Offerman.
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Hold your horses and read to the end of the article, TheWhiteSkull.
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I get the pop up but can't get any further than the main page. Can't see the article without signing up for a free trial.
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Yeah, not working here either.

Also, when I go to the page for issue 82 and clicked the link to the article (the same URL as above), I get a javascript popup with login/membership options. If I disable javascript, the link drops me to http://paste.com/membership instead.
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Direct link works in Chrome with Adblock.
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I had no problems in Firefox with adblock and made it all the way to the funky fungus that he grew up with.
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Direct link doesn't work for me at all.
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I'm being a broken record, but how amazing is P&R? I lit'rally cried multiple times during "Leslie and Ben". And of course laughed out loud a bunch of times too.

"People who buy things are suckers."
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"Your house isn't haunted. You're just lonely."
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I adore P&R, adore Ron's character and Nick seems like an okay guy, but I'm pretty put off by the "real men do X," interpretation of the character amongst a lot of the fandom. Even worse is the "real men do X ironically," interpretation. Madonna used to say that her schtick was being a woman and doing woman drag. Nick Offerman playing Ron Swanson is a man doing man drag. It's not instructional, it's reflective. The best human moments of P&R is when they play their characters against their type: April's sincere moments, Andy's competence, Leslie letting go. I hope they continue to play Ron against his type and don't buy into the fandom hype. Offerman should continue to do some experimental stuff too. His background could really speak to a richer talent than just character acting.
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