Al Jazeera english language summary.
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Al Jazeera english language summary. Since the original al Jazeera site is in arabic, this wbur website, gives a summary of the stories covered by the network in english. Of course, one can try to translate automatically (ajeeb, registration required), but the results are usually comical.
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Thanks for the link Talos. Been looking for an English translation for months.
Really wish Al Jazeera had an English site though, I'd like to read the all articles. (well not all, just make my own choice)
posted by ginz at 8:48 AM on November 23, 2001

Here's a link to a transcript of an online chat with the (female) head of Al Jazeera's news department, Dima Jatib. It's enlightening. The chat was done at the Spanish daily El Pais, so you'll have to go Babelfishing if you don't know Spanish.
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