Anansi Poems
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I live in a world of cat piss and poker,
$35 bottles of wine and cheap beer,
and where spiders crawl into my ear
   to tell secrets of the cosmos.
“The world is a screwed up place,” they say,
“And just when you think you’ve got it,
   we change the rules.”

– from Anansi Poems by MetaFilter's own Christopher Jorgensen [via mefi projects]
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But spiders are easily outwitted.

Childish torments and the tearing of legs,
rolled up newspaper, pesticide, water whisking
away (to a drain),
and afternoon sun through a magnifying glass.
Spiders have reason to hate us,
—have faith only in trickery—
they were here first.

Listen carefully, spider of destiny
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These are really great cjourg.
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I'm glad some people enjoy this.

I have iOS codes for the book in the iBookstore, so if you want one, memail me. I am not sure how many I have left, but I'll give 'em out until they are gone.
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