“who’s managing our fisheries?”
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You really buried the interesting stuff under the fold. Zombies have become the Youtube Silly Dance of monsters.
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Consider it a reward for clicking through.
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I like the list of words with different meanings for scientists and the public. Although, it's worth remembering that different disciplines use words differently, too. I teach a lot of engineering students library methods. I almost always start by reminding them that "research" means different things, and, while I try to use "library research" or "literature searching," if I slip up, that's what I mean.

And I once got into quite a tussle with my programmer brother about what "database" means. The only thing we could agree on was that the general public had it all wrong.
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The Gulf of Mexico disaster averted made for interesting reading. There's not enough focus on how to encourage good behaviour by companies.

"Beyond that, we need to focus not just on the tragedies and failures, but also meditate on the moments when systems work and establish incentives that propagate those successes"
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I should have added - versus discouraging bad behaviour. I. E. How do we instil a moral and ethical code in management?
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The vampires + zombie ground has been fairly well covered by webcomic "Last Blood" (soon to be a major motion picture! ...or not)
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I. E. How do we instil a moral and ethical code in management?

They have that part surgically removed in order to join the club.
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