"Modern Spiritualism", dark room seances, tin trumpets, and mediums
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"Modern Spiritualism", dark room seances, tin trumpets, and mediums While the Taliban are off hijacking Islam, John Edward and Crossing Over conduct the injustice at home, hijacking time-honored "Modern Spiritualism" so he and his clan can personally profit from his cruel form of emotional abduction. Thankfully, his attempt to deliver the 9-11 victims on national television was cancelled.
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This has been talked about before here.
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Thanks. Should have linked.
I have nostalgic respect for the 1800's seance of 5 people holding hands around a table with the lights dimmed coping with death, versus todays televised circus, with ticket hotlines, best selling books and tapes, fan clubs, celebrity readings and Madison Square Garden tours. He must be doing something right."...As it stands right now, the waiting list for an appointment is approximately 3 years...."
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Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
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Randi dissed him. However, that's the crux of the dilemma regarding spiritualism. It's impossible to irrevocably prove either positive or negative. Similar to alien abductions or elaborate conspiracy theories. Circumstantial evidence brings rise to uncertainty, but even the things that simply can't be explained could be that way simply because we don't understand the laws of physics well enough to understand the Unknown.

Personally I enjoy John Edward's show. It's ...amusing. I like to believe in the possibility, but a medium with such obvious guesswork as Edward is simply not proof positive. One has to suspend disbelief, kinda like watching a Doctor Who episode. Maybe someday we'll find a way to know once and for all whether or not there's a life after death. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. Until then, charlatans like Edward will still have a job. And who knows? Maybe I'm just too much of a pessimist. Maybe there is something to John Edward's "abilities."

And maybe I'll win the lottery too. Or get struck by lightning. Or get married again. Heck, anything's possible. =)
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However, that's the crux of the dilemma regarding spiritualism. It's impossible to irrevocably prove either positive or negative.

It helps to have a basic understanding of human psychology.
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I'm not saying that the Edwards experience is necessarily going to do anything for you, but people who watch and attend should be given a little more credit for exploration and *gasp* critical thinking instead of being called ignorant, sheep, or "stupid" as one poster put it.

Yeah, and P. T. Barnum helped a lot of people explore the world and learn a lot about reality, too.

The only thing one can learn from a con man is a) caution or b) technique.
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all I can think of is the Witch of Endor......be careful what you ask for.
You might just get it.
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I think there's a difference between being conned (pyramid scheme) and voluntarily exploring anomalous phenomenon (mediumship). The former is a victim and the latter is inquisitive and healthy behavior.

Right, because all of the people who seek out mediums (Edwards or otherwise) are simply engaging in inquisitive, healthy behaviour. Non of them are seeking answers for inexplicable pain and loss that they have experienced in their lives - they're certainly not vulnerable. I can see no possibility for exploitation or manipulation whatsoever. The real victims are the ones who innocently believe that they can create wealth without effort. Thanks for the clarification.

Dear Mr. Edwards,
Please < !-- even if --> see < !-- you are not --> if < !-- conning people out of --> you < !-- actual money or property, --> can < !-- i find taking advantage--> divine < !-- of the bereaved --> what < !-- and the deperate --> I'm < !-- to be completely --> thinking < !-- immoral. --> now.< !-- fucker. -->
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......be careful what you ask for.
You might just get it.

Bring it on.
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Hey, I'm with you Skallas. I've devoted all of my energies to the stupid ignorant sheep over at FundAmerica.

I say, more power to Edwards - after all, he's just an entertainer. Sure, he uses communication with deceased loved ones for his material, but who doesn't? Plus I get a huge kick out of the fact that those advertisers have been taken - with nothing to show for their investment but huge audiences of potential customers. Fools!
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