Men in Saris: Mumbai's new lavani dancers
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Men in Saris: Mumbai's new lavani dancers Lavani is a folk dance, traditionally performed by women for men. The popularity of Bin Baykancha Tamasha (or Performance Without Women) and other female-impersonation groups in Mumbai suggests that the city may slowly be getting comfortable with flamboyant expressions of male sexuality.
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yes! dancing boys
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That would be fantastic. It seems that things are getting interesting in India when it comes to gender rights. Check Thr Atlantic's In Focus for some great photos of International Women's Day too.
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We're Indian. My cousin used to dress up like a girl when he was a teenager to entertain us.

We didn't have cable.
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You can see these performances throughout Rajasthan as well, despite Mumbai being one of the most progressive parts of the country.
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My cousin used to dress up like a girl when he was a teenager to entertain us.

Prettiest Bollywood Actors in Drag
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This isn't really a new thing in Mumbai - they've had transsexual men called "hijra" for centuries. They're sort of like the "katoey" in Thailand, looked at as a "third sex" and usually are sex workers.
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So men dressing in drag to dance is old as time; you've had classical theater such as Kuchipudi and Kathakali being male-only like Shakespearan theater or Japanese Kabuki. Should stress here that this Lavani-by-men group is ten-years-old, as the piece mentions; it's the cultural/ commercial solidification of the scene that is the real news here.

The lower middle-classes' apparently obsessive sub-cultural following by through mobiles, the overly suggestive-but-with-female following bit, frenzy after a performance, even crossdressing to an extent, and such has such a strong resonance here in Singapore as well; that's *exactly* how getai operates here during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Finally, it's ironic isn't it, that in Bollywood's and Indian cricket's hometown, the lower middle classes seem to be surfing a resurgence in street theater. There's an unstated class thing there that makes you think.
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