Muppet Musicians of Bremen
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"You may have noticed that the heroes in this story are all animals, and the villains are all people. I hope none of you take that personally." The Muppet Musicians of Bremen (1972) (Part 1 2 3 4 5 6).

Based on the traditional folktale, and hosted by Kermit the frog it was the third Muppet TV special in the “Tales from Muppetland” series following on from Hey Cinderella! (1969) and The Frog Prince (1971). (Previously)
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This is easily the weirdest episode of True Blood I've seen yet.

j/k...this is awesome. KERMIT!
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Props to the Muppet band from Louisiana playing actual NOLA-style jazz, not that I'm surprised. Thanks for sharing: so good for a Sunday night.

Damn, this both reminds me that 1) I need to listen to more jazz 2) watch more Muppets and 3) get my ass back to New Orleans.
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I remember this airing for a few years around Thanksgiving when I was a kid. It was my favorite Muppet special. I had the story/music album on high rotation the rest of the year.

Later, I bought a Laserdisc copy off eBay and digitized it for my kids. They don't take to it as much as I did, but if I find myself with nothing to do on a Thanksgiving evening, it's comforting to watch again. I wish they'd put out a quality version on DVD.
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"I'm a traveling musician. Doncha love me all to crazy?"
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This is one of those childhood favourites for me. When you're young and haven't been exposed to many different genres of music - something like this was a real eye-opener. As always it's that muppet humour that really puts it into classic territory.

Here's a scan of a TV Guide article from 1972 with some neat behind-the-scenes photos of Henson and co. in action.
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Long live Bremen! (and Jim Henson's memory)
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Bremen, Louisiana cracks me up. That's just perfect, somehow.
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The Town Musicians of Bremen was my favorite fairytale as a child, hands down. I loved the story of the animals nobody wanted finding each other and forming a family. I loved how they each had their own strengths and used them to defeat the robbers--especially the rooster crying "Cockle-doodle-do!" and the robber thinking the rooster was a judge!

I have so many fond memories of my father reading the story to me. He raised game fowl, and he did a great imitation of the rooster's crow. Then the Muppets version came out, and despite my dad's insistence that Bremen was in Germany, I remained convinced Bremen was in Louisiana for years. I'm sitting her at work trying not to cry because I want to show this to my dad and he's in a nursing home with dementia and wouldn't understand it anyway....
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WHOA. We lip-synced to this in my third grade class as a little "show" to which our parents and the principal were invited. WE WERE SO NERVOUS.
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I've been to Bremen, Germany. They have this statue there. I have an actual film photo of it someplace in my possession.

(Also, the plot summary for the story on that Wikipedia page surprised me -- I thought that Henson had taken a lot more liberties with the story than he did. It's been ages since I actually read the Grimm version.)
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Oh, this is perfect! My band just got booked to play a month-long European tour based in Bremen, Germany this summer. We will in fact be the traveling musicians of Bremen!
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