Jazz that nobody asked for, an animated short film
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Sometimes you want to be somber, or serious, or just enjoy some peace and quiet. And in some of those instances, you get jazz that nobody asked for. Jazz that just won't die.

The jazz in question is Quaker City Jazz, by Jan Savitt (born Jacob Savetnick) and his Top Hatters Orchestra.

More information about the story behind the short at the jazz movie.com, including the credit for the title to a genre of Brian Eno's own conception, as noted in On Some Faraway Beach: The Life and Times Of Brian Eno.
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Absolutely loved that. Thanks!

Speaking of ear worms, one I had in my head for a good part of the morning was the little bit that Mike Wazowski (or, you know, however you spell it) sings in "Monsters Inc."...

"put that thing back where it came from
or so help me,
so help me,
so help me,
good byyye-aaaaye-aaaaye!"
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Loved it!
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Well, that made me pretty darn happy.
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I get the weirdest stuff stuck in my head sometimes. This bass line, for example, will just loop in my brain for no reason.
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flapjax, that's a popular tune around these parts. It's best with the full dance, or at least some jazzy hands.
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"Quaker City Jazz" has more than a slight resemblance to the famous four-note hook of "The Tiger Rag", a.k.a. "Hold That Tiger", which was My First Earworm, much to the distress of my parents (neither of whom had attended Clemson University).

It should take about a week to get "The Tiger Rag" out of my head again. Thank you, Benny Box and flt.
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Damn, now that was some reet vibes!
makes my feets and heart happy!
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flapjax, I would love to hear you do a full-on cover of the Mike Wazowski ditty.
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