An obituary to fit the man
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This can only be viewed as his final protest.

Great, great stuff.
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Made my day...thank you!
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"He took extreme pride in his two grandchildren Harper Lewis (8) and William Stamps Lewis (6) of Dallas for whom he would crow like a rooster on their phone calls."


A life well lived. Thanks for posting this.
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I get the feeling that such an obituary for such a man could only have been written by a child raised by such a man. Here's to you, Harry Weathersby Stamps, and the legacy of (shall we say) character that you leave behind.

I would like to add that I am sympathetic to arguments as to the satanic nature of Daylight Savings.
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Note to family: the spirit/humor of this when the time comes. And yes - gonna have to break out the Norman Greenbaum when you scatter me to the wind please. Loved the humor and the way I *really* knew the guy by the end.
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That is great. Godspeed, Mr. Stamps.
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Hate Daylight Savings Time?

Sign the petition to eradicate it.

Do it for Harry.
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(Beat me to it, sutt!)
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For his signature bacon and tomato sandwich, he procured 100% all white Bunny Bread from Georgia, Blue Plate mayonnaise from New Orleans, Sauer's black pepper from Virginia, home grown tomatoes from outside Oxford, and Tennessee's Benton bacon from his bacon-of-the-month subscription.

That sounds like a great sandwhich. I'm hungry now.
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That's a thing of beauty.
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That thing cost a FORTUNE to run. One of the most disheartening things to me when my step-father died was how our craptastic local paper has taken to milking the obituary section as one of their few sources of revenue, and not a public service.
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Awe. Some. Someone has just simultaneously thrown down and elegantly upped the standard for the well tempered obit.

Well played, Amanda Lewis. Well played.
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> One of his regrets was not seeing his girl, Hillary Clinton, elected President.

You're not alone in that, my friend.
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I am signing the petition and having a BLT for lunch. (I would also vote for Hilary Clinton given the opportunity.)
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Like the opening of a great novel. Everyone deserves an obit like this, really.
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He taught them to fish, to select a quality hammer, to love nature, and to just be thankful.


also: BLT.
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Sounds like a man who enjoyed living. I should think of this when I get pissy.
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My kind of guy.

That supplier of mail-order bacon, btw, is the bidness.

I knew when I posted this obit on my facebook that it was going viral, but I had to anyway.

Living here in London, the other kind of awesome obit are the old spies/soldiers in the Telegraph, they read like ridiculous dimestore novels.
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One of my goals in life is to leave a legacy that inspires such obviously devoted, observant, and humorous appreciation.
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If my friends and family don't make jokes about my life when I die I'm going to haunt the ever loving crap out of them.

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Someday someone will have to write YOUR obituary. Get to work on giving them some content today.
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But now I feel like there's some essential knowledge about how to pick a hammer that I'm missing.

*consoles self with BLT*
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I had some neat obits come across my desk when I was proofreading at the paper. As much as losing a loved one can suck for the family, there were still some obits that would put a smile on your face. This easily tops 'em all.

(PS - make sure there's a good picture of you available in case your family ever needs it. Trust me on that.)
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For those seeking information regarding donations to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, the relevant employee directory may be found here. I've written asking for further instructions.
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