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"This volume stands alone as the only Sendak picture book—that is, a book he both wrote and illustrated—that isn’t designed for children. Not coincidentally, the Blake-inflected illustrations for a 1996 edition of Melville’s “Pierre,” which is certainly not kiddie stuff, bear a similarity to the look of “My Brother’s Book.” It seems that Sendak had an even more specific audience in mind for this one: Kushner told me that Sendak made this book for those adults who had grown up with his stories." Avi Steinberg on Maurice Sendak's My Brother's Book, in The New Yorker.

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Gallery of images from the book via The Guardian
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It's definitely worth purchasing for the illustrations alone. I hope large format prints are sold some day soon.
posted by Think_Long at 10:44 AM on March 12, 2013

Just incidentally, I would read the hell out of a graphic-novelization of The Anxiety of Influence.
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