99 Problems But 16-bit Ain't One
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Jay-Z + Chrono Trigger = Chrono Jigga.
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As a big fan of Chrono Trigger, I was prepared to hate this. But the more I listened, the more it grew on me... It's really fucking good.
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...I think I need to listen to this on more than a single-ear Plantronics headset, but, alas, then it would look like I'm not working.
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Where is the music from the 'Intro' song from? I sounds like a sped up version of the song Cool Party by Groundislava, but I'm wondering is that guy got it from Chrono Trigger or something.
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It really is good. I have never been a big fan of HOVA's, but I'm not sure I could dislike anything existing within the context of the Chrono Trigger OST.
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Whoo, more Uematsu music! I shall have it all someday, precious. Thanks.
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Decent for the most part, but "An Encore in Time" is fantastic.
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It's telling that the tracks that are a bit subpar are the ones where Jay-Z is lagging, not the CT OST.
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Just like with Final Fantasy, this suffers from the arranger/masher/whatever selecting the same goddamn tracks you've already heard mashed together and arranged millions of times while neglecting like, 89%* of the rest of the soundtrack.

(I just randomly selected that number -- but it sounds about right!)

I kind of like the Gato track, at least.
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See also the Chrono Trigger Mixtape (I prefer the tracks without the DJ voiceovers).
Sample (one of the less profane tracks): Ciara feat. Missy Elliott, "1, 2 Step"
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I am actually really disappointed...because I had assumed it was a game that combined Chrono Trigger and Jay-Z.
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I feel like this is one of those cases where someone thinks up a name first and then works backwards from there.
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All things pale to the king of mashups: Mark VII. I don't know when his stuff came out, but I swear it predates, well, everything. Can't seem to find a site with all of his stuff, but the ID3 tag on the mp3s list monotonik.com.
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I've got 99 problems but Lavos ain't one.
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And now after seeing the title of this post, I think a couple of the women on Digital Hardcore Records should form a band called 16-Bitch. A bunch of feminist glitchcore.
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Scooped! I was gonna link this last night but was stuck inside my once-a-day limit. This is indeed awesome, it's the first mashup that I've ever actually enjoyed listening to as music. The fact that Chrono Trigger has awsome music that makes me all nostalgic and misty is just a bonus.
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You know one of these days I'm gonna finish my Chrono Trigger Musical.
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This is terrific.
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I listend to the Black album a lot in 2005 at an important time in my life. Also played a lot of Chrono Trigger. Anyway, what I mean to say is that I LOVE THIS!!
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I've never been overly impressed by the other video game and rap mash-ups I've heard (the Team Teamwork stuff and Black Materia) so I was going in with slightly lowered expectations...but this is really fantastic. The producer did a great job of both chopping the original tracks and adding stuff where necessary.

Don't think I can say that the whole is greater than the parts (seems blasphemous to both Jay-Z and Mitsuda / Uematsu) but this is something interesting and distinct from the two things that it was created from. Definitely worth checking out.

Also, this thing is brilliantly named. The name of the album is great, and really is there a better name than "Marle, Lucca, Schala" for a remix of that particular Jay-Z track?
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I want to like this but it sounds like a bad accident.
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I'm really digging this.
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