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Sometime in the mid-1960s, a junk dealer in Houston, Texas acquired 12 large notebooks that had been thrown out to the curb after a house fire.

Filled with mysterious, double-sided, collaged watercolor drawings, the journals were eventually discovered at the junk shop in 1969 by art history student Mary Jane Victor. It turns out that the drawings/watercolors were the work of one Charles August Albert Dellschau (1830 - 1923). Dellschau was a butcher for most of his life and only after his retirement in 1899 did he begin his incredible career as a self-taught artist.
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These are pretty damn cool.
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Wow. Thanks for this.
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Excellent. Reminds me of an American Codex Seraphinianus.
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Oh, these are amazing, thanks for posting this. Reminds me of Henry Darger.
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Reminds me of Tadanori Yokoo.
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I wonder if he ever got to actually fly in an airplane?
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Previously on MeFi.
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I love these. They are almost op art. PHINC, they are reminiscent of Tadanori Yokoo; I remember his work from my battered copy of "Beatles Illustrated Lyrics".
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Got a real "Chums of Chance" vibe going there.
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Dominique de Menil was a very interesting art collector. She was quite wealthy and has had a huge impact on Houston arts; her foundation owns a lot of land in the middle of town and has set up the Menil Gallery, the Rothko Chapel, and a bunch of other great stuff. She had an amazing eye for art trends and among other things put together one of the best private collections of Surrealist art around. All free for display at the Menil Gallery now, I was lucky to grow up a couple of miles from it. Anyway it makes perfect sense that she was involved in first recognizing these works as something interesting, totally in line with her expertise.
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They're actually strongly reminiscent of the work of Adolf W├Âlfli--which also makes me wonder a bit about Dellschau's mental health.
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There's a touch of Martin Ramirez in there too, actually; another 'outsider artist' who spent most of his life institutionalized.
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I saw some pages from this at AVAM years ago, along with Darger. My head has never been _____ since.
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so great.
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A feature-length documentary about Dellschau on Youtube: The Realms of the Unreal
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In the Realms of the Unreal is a documentary about Henry Darger, not Dellschau. It's cool that it's on YouTube, though.
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D'oh! I was clicking around reading about both of them and came across it. Still technically relevant, I guess?
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The percentage of people in the world aware of Henry Darger = < 1%

The percentage of MeFites aware of Henry Darger = scary

nice post...thanks!
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Amazing pics!
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Wow, just beautiful!

Definitely some Wolfi similarities, but it reminds me just as strongly of Little Nemo in Slumberland. Overlapping time periods if I recall, so maybe that accounts for it.

Anyone else want nice reproductions of the notebooks? Can someone make that real? Please?
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Just beautiful. Makes me wonder how much amazing stuff has ended up in landfills.
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Really neat!
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