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Inventions that Changed the World is a 2004 BBC Miniseries in the vein of Connections (previously) hosted by Jeremy Clarkson (yes the Top Gear guy). The Gun. The Computer. The Jet. The Telephone. The Television
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I guess I know what I'm doing with my evening.
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I'll give this a shot, despite being a Clarkson skeptic, as long as someone will promise me it's better than the execrable Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest Gadgets.
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I liked it better starring James Burke.
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I've seen a couple of episodes of this, and it's just . . . unsatisfying. It's kind of interesting, in the same way reading lists on Cracked is interesting. The James Burke series were different. I actually learned things from them--no, I actually thought as a result of them. This series isn't bad, but it's not special either.
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All of the Top Gear trio do a whole bunch of side projects, most of which are amusing, but none of which entertain me as much as Top Gear itself, even though I'm not actually much of a Car Person.
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Wow, the episode on the gun has some truly horrible parts in it.
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Clarkson is lighter than helium. I know this shouldn't be compared with connections - but world changing - the lateen sail. the chimney, flax weaving. James Burke's connections is brilliant.
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the gun:
instrument of Satan, but unbelievably sexy.

he's a dickhead
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Thank you jb! My brother used to watch the Connections series with James Burke and I always wanted to find it again, but had forgotten the series name!
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Watched one today. It was OK, but not remotely Connections-level, which I still think was one of the finest uses to which television has ever been put.
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