U.S. population stands at 13,462
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U.S. population stands at 13,462 With the April 1 deadline for returning Census 2000 forms finally passed, the Bureau of the Census announced Monday that the U.S. population stands at 13,462.       "We at the Census Bureau are shocked by the incredible decrease in the population that apparently took place in the 10 years since the last Census in 1990," Census Bureau director Kenneth Prewitt said. "A 1999 projection estimated the U.S. population at 274 million and set the annual growth rate at .95 percent. Yet from this latest Census count, we find that this projection overestimates the population by a multiple of 20,000."
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heh...found this while searching for "onion". since i'm relatively new to mefi, is the fact that this has no comments indicative that most people realized this article was a joke? =)
posted by pnevares at 11:27 PM on October 6, 2000

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