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The Cleveland Memory Project is an archive of photos, postcards, videos, recordings, clippings, ebooks, personal papers, maps and other historical "goodies" about the city. "It's a collaborative endeavor of many local historical societies, public libraries and government agencies who have mounted their own local history." On Flickr.

The site contains over 50,000 photos.

Print and video interviews with the Project's chair: librarian Bill Barrow.
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I'll read the links I swear, but You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic is such a fine album.
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Great post. See also Cleveland Historical, a smartphone app and website for local history.
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The Cleveland Memory Project also has an open Flickr pool that anyone can contribute to.
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Man, it must be super fun to write high school history papers now. (Back in my day we just had those glued together bundles of paper ordered by the Dewey Decimal system)

Thanks for posting this!
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(massive props for the title)
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