So much more sense this way
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"Our brackets have culled out all of the superfluous information and reduced the [NCAA] tournament to what matters most: colors and logos."
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This is wonderful. A much better methodology than my previous one of trying to randomly select, slightly favoring the 3 or 4 teams I know.
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Periodically, I help my father choose winners for his NFL pool, and I always base it on some combination of team name and whether I like the city, plus some decision making on the size of the spread. I usually come in the top third or so.
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Alternately, here's Nate Silver's analysis
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Here's how I did my first bracket ever:

1) Have my girlfriend's alma mater beat all the other teams and win the championship.
2) Choose other teams based on stats
2a) Except where step 2) conflicts with step 1)

Go Zags!
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I always did brackets strictly by seed, except for having my alma mater go all the way.

Sadly, that latter scenario won't be in play this year. *sigh*
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I'm rooting for Butler, just so Blues II & III can run on the court at the end of the games.
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I would like to do brackets based upon which mascot would win in a fight. For example, the Florida Gators would obviously beat the Minnesota Golden Gophers because a gator would eat a gopher (sorry, Goldy).

Slate does have the "Mascot Bracket", but it's just a picture of the mascot. Some of the mascots are obvious (I see an angry Cardinal and a Blue Devil) but some are kind of a mystery to me. Bear in a Panama Hat? A pioneer wagon? An orange thing?
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There is no mascot, human or animal, fish or fowl, that could not best a duck in a fight to the death.

It does not bode well for me.
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I dunno, Danf, I'd say that the duck would be able to peck away at an Orange (Syracuse) if you give it enough time.
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Crimson and Cream, classic colors, candystripe warm-ups from the 50s, and a mildly derogatory slang term for the state residents in place of a stupid animal.
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Bear in a Panama Hat?

That's Ole Miss's Rebel Black Bear, a bear who fights to preserve slavery. You'll note that Cy, the Iowa State cardinal, grew an enormous anthropoid arm just for the pleasure of punching said bear out of the Elite Eight.
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I entered a combined colour + mascot bracket in my brother's March Madness pool last year. I didn't come in last... but I did come in second-last.

(I had Crimson Tide going all the way, because, come on, best team name ever.)
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My system this year:

1. Indiana for the win (okay, I may be a teeny bit biased)
2. Figure out how they get there
3. Pick everything else.
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I'm going to try the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordablity (article, Filled in bracket in PDF form). It has one simple heuristic:
Each year we fill out the NCAA Tournament bracket using the median sales price of homes in the towns of each school that’s part of the tournament field.
Which will be the only way to explain a 16 beating a 1.
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It pains me to say it, but go Crimson!.
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My school's the first Canadian university in the NCAA — but apparently our team name isn't going over well in the US — the SFU Clan.

(The university was named after a Scottish explorer — everything's scottish themed, down to the Gung Haggis Fat Choy event for Chinese New Year.)

On the bright side, looks like our women's basketball team is doing well.
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Ha, thanks for the link, madcaptenor. I think I might be able to do OK in the first round, but after that it may get rough, as Indiana's the only 1 seed I have making the sweet 16; Louisville, Gonzaga, and Kansas just don't have strong enough math departments to keep going once the smaller schools are out of the picture.
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