Hockey fights.
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I do enjoy the occasional hockey scuffle, especially the clean, respectable fights. They tend to be good team motivators if done right, and a good means of self-policing on the ice.

What I don't like is the generalizations, mostly by those that don't truly appreciate the sport, that hockey is all about the fights.
posted by mkn at 8:19 PM on November 25, 2001

Field Hockey Fights Against the Odds.

And how could one resist Kizworld's Hockey Fights page or Fight Girl's Hockey Fights Page?
posted by mattpfeff at 8:32 PM on November 25, 2001

...and lets not forget the Official Tie Domi website, where you can buy a 3-photo sequence of Tie sucker-punching Ulf Samulson, after Ulf scored a goal. After doing the same to Pierre Turgeon, Scott Niedermayer and quite a few others, I can't believe that this man is still allowed on the ice.
posted by skwm at 8:41 PM on November 25, 2001

I can deal with the fighting but I like a show of restraint myself.

What I find interesting and probably connected somehow to the permissive brouhaha on-ice, is that off-ice hockey players are remarkably restrained. When was the last time you heard of professional hockey thugs beating up women, killing each other or otherwise behaving like steroid-laced morons? There's a sportsman-like morality that keeps it in the game.

I suppose there are exceptions, but this is just my observation.
posted by dness2 at 8:50 PM on November 25, 2001

I can't believe that this man is still allowed on the ice.

Tie called Niedermayer after that elbow during the playoffs and apologized. He was really quite upset about it. Yet that didn't prevent all manner of nonsense from happening during the recent Devils/God's team matchups. Oh well, it's become quite the rivalry, and that's good for the game.

The thing I love about hockey fighting is how ritualistic it is. There are all sorts of complicated rules about when it's okay to fight, who should fight on behalf of whom, etc. And half the time the fighters are old friends who will share a drink after the game. Actually I recall Domi trying to explain why he appeared to back off partway through a fight. He said his opponent (can't remember who) told him, "take it easy on me Tai, I'm tired," and he obliged. What a gentleman.
posted by D at 9:03 PM on November 25, 2001

Didn't know there were so many sites devoted to hockey fights. They don't do that at the Oilers, and yeah, I'd know. My brother-in-law plays for them.
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Katy: no shit! Who is it?
posted by D at 9:13 PM on November 25, 2001

The Oilers have Georges Laraque - every team has an enforcer, therefore, every team has players that get into bouts here and there. So I don't know why you'd think the Oilers don't?

Domi has had a few cheap moments, especially with Neidermayer and Samuelson (not like Ulf was much of a clean player himself) - but he's hardly the cheapest player out there. You'll never see him use his stick, or go knee on knee - something for which Bryan Marchment of the SJ Sharks has become infamous for.

And then there was that whole McSorley thing a while back...
posted by mkn at 11:50 PM on November 25, 2001

Marty McSorley, hockey saviour? "When kids see hockey players solving problems with sticks and fists, we shouldn't be surprised that they express anger violently. But with increasing focus on anti-violence education in schools, the Marty McSorley incident may just be the wake-up call that the NHL needs." Hope springs eternal!
posted by Carol Anne at 4:13 AM on November 26, 2001

Best fights, which I have on tape, are the Detroit-Colorado fights (especially the brawl on March 26, 1997, when Claude Lemieux did the turtle dance), and the Bruise Brothers series, with Bob Probert and Joe Kocur. I love those guys. I also have a "Greatest Rivalries" video tape, and the Tie Domi/Bob Probert fights are equally great, especially the one where Tie Domi is with the Rangers and came away after the fight making motions as if he had the heavyweight champioship belt.

And true, hockey is not all about fights. I didn't order NHL Center Ice (every game of the season on digital cable) just to watch fighting.
posted by adampsyche at 5:14 AM on November 26, 2001

What I don't like is the generalizations, mostly by those that don't truly appreciate the sport, that hockey is all about the fights.

True, but you have to admit that until just a couple years ago the league was cheerfully allowing promotions to focus on the fights and hits more than the skating and the shooting. The teams followed suit by focussing more on their hit-men and granting greater latitude to the thugs to start fights. Even now if you look at Fox's advertising for games, you will often see more hits and falls than goals, so if there is a lack of appreciation out there, the broadcasters, the teams and the league itself can share the blame for it.
posted by holycola at 5:45 AM on November 26, 2001

I liked hockey a lot more before they started enforcing the instigator penalty. Back in the day, if someone took liberties with one of your team's stars, you could be sure that he'd have to pay for it. Now that there's the extra penalty to worry about, you see a lot more cheap shot than you used to. The fact that Marchment isn't wheelchair bound yet can attest to this.
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Does anyone have a link to the "Hockey Night in Canada" music?
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Fighting is part of the sport. Without it, you see people resorting to using their sticks more (a la McSorley). I persoanlly think you'd see alot fewer serious eye injuries..

I've also noticed a lack of embellishment calls being made when someone is obviously taking a dive, but then again, I watch mainly Wings games, so it may just be the games I'm watching.
posted by tj at 10:06 AM on November 26, 2001

hockey night in canada theme music - Canada's second national anthem! (ram format)
posted by hannahkitty at 12:26 PM on November 26, 2001

ww...w...wait a second...did I just see the Maple Loafs referred to as "God's team"?

May the NY Yankees-like hatred for the Leafs commence now.
posted by Succa at 12:28 PM on November 26, 2001

Boy, I thought I'd gotten away with that.

I don't believe in God, but I believe in God's Team.
posted by D at 12:47 PM on November 26, 2001

mmmm Maple Loaf
posted by tj at 10:02 AM on November 29, 2001

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