A Life Well Wasted Returns
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After a two-year dormancy, host Robert Ashley posted a new episode of the video game podcast A Life Well Wasted.
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Terrific series featuring some of gaming's most unique personalities.
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Yay! If you like A Life Well Wasted, you will almost certainly enjoy the Brainy Gamer podcast as well.
posted by oulipian at 1:33 PM on March 20, 2013

Awesome! I have missed ALWW for so long.
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If by 'most unique' you mean 'biggest dicked', then yes.

But it is a fantastic series apart from that, uh, component so yes. I'll be listening to this one.
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Contents [hide]
   1 Personal life
   2 Career
   3 Penis
      3.1 Security incident
   4 References
   5 External links
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this is the thread where I brag about my...

owning one of the t-shirts, right? Because that is a great t-shirt.
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For some reason I still follow Robert Ashley on Twitter and I got whiplash when I saw the update notice.

ALWW has had some of the best art. The picture with the new episode is no exception.
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Wow! This is great news. I'm glad he didn't give up on it.
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I was just listening to a new-to-me podcast, Here Be Monsters, and it made me think of "that podcast about video games but more." A bit of googling, and I found the name of A Life Well Wasted again. Excited to hear more from him. (Hear be Monsters is worth a listen if you haven't already.)
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