Ping, Ping, You're Dead
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"The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber the result of a three-year effort to examine how extant international law norms apply to this ‘new’ form of warfare."
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I went though seven proxies!
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I would like to read it but the online form sucks. So, looking, Cambridge Press wants...

$47 fragging bucks for a PDF?


(Like I would read it any other way than ePub anyway.)

And I betcha it is DRM'ed to boot.
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For some background, Estonia suffered a pretty major cyberattack in 2007 (Tallinn is the capital of Estonia).
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Tallinn Manual in PDF (watermarked Draft, but dated 2013)
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From the contributors:

Project Coordinator
Dr. Eneken Tikk
NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Seriously? Eneken Tikk? Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence? Are they funded by a grant from Tony Stark?
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examine how extant international law norms apply to this ‘new’ form of warfare.

I can't even begin to decipher what people would think a statement like this would mean. It's not warfare, except in the flimsiest of metaphorical senses.

I've heard some stuff in the press lately where Obama stooges are spouting off about how "the threat of cyber attacks is greater than conventional terror attacks." It's pretty transparently laying the groundwork for new laws to punish the next Bradley Manning or Aaron Schwartz even more barbarically then the originals- that makes sense.

What I don't get is what I'm supposed to think this "warfare" could look like, even in the hypothetical. Are people imagining "War Games" stuff where someone remotely launches our missiles at us? Robot arms punching people? I really have no idea. I read the "Estonia suffered a pretty major cyberattack in 2007" article, and the link to the "Titan Rain" article from there. It's just hacking. There have been no serious consequences from any "Cyber attack," and even if there were, it's not an "attack" or "warfare" in any sane sense. You're either stealing information, which is espionage, or you're hacking websites, which is you kept some people from getting their shit from Amazon for a few hours, or drew lulzy penises across The Man's webpage. Which is apparently worse than 9/11.
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I have to admit that the first thing that crossed my mind, about seven drinks into my evening, was George Michael's "Hard Day". Ping ping, you're dead. Shouldn't we just make love instead?
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I'll be running Genode on my laptop, and immune to this kind of cyber-crap.

Computer security CAN be fixed... it doesn't have to be this way... I have a dream.
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I'll be running Genode on my laptop, and immune to this kind of cyber-crap.

That's great and all, but if the SCADA systems running your electrical and water distribution system, the software running your bank, the routers used by your ISP and its upstream providers, and whatever software you use for work - either at your employer or at your clients all stop working, the fact that you can still use your laptop isn't going to be much consolation.
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