Feminists aging together.
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French Feminist Babayaga Thérèse Clerc, is captured by photographer Elisabeth Schneider in a short French documentary. Thérèse Clerc is the founder of Maison des Femmes de Montreuil, a women-only feminist retirement community, in Paris.

Over 15 years ago, French feminist and activist Thérèse Clerc created an idea for a women's self-managed retirement community and in October 2012, her dream became a reality. The self-defined Babayaga has radically changed the future for aging feminists.
English radio interviews of her success here and here.
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I assume the new apartment building has chicken legs?
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I like the idea of female only retirement facilities. The place I live is mixed. I would have Real Problems if it weren't were Mr. Roquette.
There is too much truth to the stereotype of 'dirty old men'
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HERE is a really neat place.
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