The Thames is a Filthy Beast
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Down to a Sunless Sea - a new short story by Neil Gaiman published by The Guardian as part of their series of Water stories.
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One of many stories written with that title, the earliest to my knowledge being written, for the most part, by the wife of Cordwainer Smith from a fragment she found after his death.
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Thanks, Artw. And thanks, y2karl (1,232,128 книг!)
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At first I was disappointed to see it's really a short short story. And then it escalated fast to a whole new level of creepy. Good find, ArtW.
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Hold Me is 99 cents on Comixology right now - one of the finest creepy stories that he's done IMHO.
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I generally like Neil Gaiman, but I didn't care for this.

If it didn't have Gaiman's name associated with it, people would find it workmanlike, but generally unremarkable.
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