Old People Wearing Vegetation
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Old People Wearing Vegetation. Seniors from Norway and Finland (NSFW) model wearable art made of plants, in Eyes as Big as Plates.

Inspired by the romantics’ belief that folklore is the clearest reflection of the soul of a people, Eyes as Big as Plates started out as a play on characters and protagonists from Norwegian folklore.

Bonus: Behind the scenes in Forest Park with Bob.
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I won't click the link yet, but I'm imagining this song is appropriate: "Drape yourself in greenery, / Become part of the scenery."
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I like these. The models seem happy.
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I was going to make a quip related to Monty Python's How not to be seen sketch, but there's a high fashion feel about these that make them much more "How to be Seen." Which is totally in for Fall 2013, btw.
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These are amazing. I wish I could wear rhubarb for a cloak too.
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O' for the days when the style of the time was to wear an onion from the belt.

I like the last the best, looks like a Grade A grandma.
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These brought me so much joy. I want a calendar. Thanks. Can anyone chime in with the connection between plants (or wearable arts or wearing plants) and Norwegian folklore?
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Fortunately upon rereading, I realized there was no connection between plants and pants (or the lack, thereof)
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I wore an agapanthus on my head last week.
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