Midnight Rider - A short film
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Midnight Rider [SLYT] (or if you prefer Vimeo: Midnight Rider) features Ryan Hurst (Opie from Sons of Anarchy) in a filmed monologue from the opening short story in the collection American Death Songs: Stories by Jordan Harper (mefi's own Bookhouse). Directed by Nina Corrado, music by Blake Neely.

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I grabbed the Kindle version of his book a couple days ago. Great read so far.
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You tell me, what's the message in that.
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This is awesome. I've been showing it to people since I first saw it. Brilliantly done.
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I do think that this is one of those pieces that's better as a monologue than as a short story — Hurst really nails the reading and is able to add a bit more, I guess, character than what's there on the page. Not saying that I don't like the story (or the Allman Bros.) but it really popped well on the screen.
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I haven't had a cigarette in over a decade, and he made me want to share one.
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There's a certain class of actors that I can watch in anything. Hurst is one of these guys.

I loved this monologue. The only part that got at all confusing to me was...who is he talking to? Eventually my theater viewer kicked in and I thought, "He's talking to the audience!" Still, if this were the case I think I would have preferred camera angles that didn't show the opposite side of the table. I think a solid on shot that never moved would be the best choice, but I see why the choice was made to not do so. No one wants to be bored.

Opie was the conscience of the SOA gang. When he went away I almost decided I was done with the show (even after sticking through the Belfast I want my baby back "Lifetime story of the week" plot season). Seriously, Hurst is like a white Idris Elba. I'll watch him in anything.

I want to thank everyone that made this possible.
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