There are floaty foamies in the gymnasium, Roscoe!
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Radio controlled electric flying has been around for a while now, but a relatively new type of indoor pattern flying is becoming popular. Using very light electric airplanes called "foamies", F3P can be both mesmerizing and artistically beautiful simultaneously.
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That is some incredible weight/power ratios going on right there.
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That's the first thing I thought too, rmd1023. The pilot is getting very close to the ability to position the plane anywhere in a 50cm radius, in any orientation, almost instantly. That's totally nuts.

I flew RC helicopters for a little while a few years back, and it's interesting how much lithium-polymer battery cells, brushless DC motors, and lightweight solid-state power electronics have changed RC flying. This kind of indoor flying would never be possible with a nitro plane.
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I'm so glad this isn't about that annoying Newgrounds goth squirrel.
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Good stuff - thanks. Couldn't actually watch the first video for long - far too many cuts and the slow pans irritated me. Second one was good though.
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Routines with multiple planes at once would be interesting...
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I bet that video would make a figure skater cry: the plane can go up-up-up, and it never has to come back down until the routine is done.

My dad built gas engine planes with four-foot wingspans as a boy. I am going to show this video to him and see what he thinks. :7)
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The outdoor version is more intense. Made possible with a gyroscope in the tail, and other stuff making RC plane developments worth watching.
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