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The most detailed account I've yet seen of the prison riot at Qali-i-Jhangi. Double-crossed by Mullah Faizal's skin-saving deal, the Taliban's foreign legion misread the good intentions of their captors, starting a riot in which mysterious CIA operatives Mike and Dave found themselves trapped. Massive airstrikes result in casualties on all sides, leaving small teams of special forces to mop up the remaining rioters. I'd be surprised if a book doesn't come out of this.
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I'm interested that, although they mention the casualties on both sides, they omit the evidence shown on last night's news in the UK that the air ordnance was woefully misguided and missed the target very badly. As I understand it from these accounts, the friendly casualties were some way from the target itself.
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The Guardian piece is evocatively written... sounds like it would make a darn good film, never mind a book.
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