Why tab based interfaces suck
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Why tab based interfaces suck This site finally fell into interface hell. Originally they used tabs as navigation and still are now... BUT it doesn't work... Watch... every ecommerce company that copied its interface will also fall into the same interface hell... The others include ebags.com, urbanfetch and more....
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Sorry, you're too late.
posted by Mark at 9:08 PM on April 8, 2000

Well, I'm trying to learn the delicate science of U.I. design now. I can't seem to grasp the concept well. I think that I'm another example of a technical person trying to do the job of a designer. Anyone who has any reading suggestions would help me and others a bit.
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Amazon.com? Two rows of tabs? When did this happen?
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Dean - "The Essential guide to user interface design" by Galitz. ISBN 0-471-15755-4

This is a very good book for user interface design. It talks about why certain strategies are good or bad. Not so much about what looks cool.
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Thanks Jon, I'll take a look. I think I'll go to Borders and order it. Amazon just confuses me -hahaha
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You might want to look at "Tog on Interface" by Bruce Tognazzini.
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The new Amazon.tabs are/is awful.

For info about the use and mis-use of tabs, check out Jakob Nielsen's article at useit.com.
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Thanks, I've only been to Jakob's site on my quest for U.I. education. But, I'll keep looking around and reading.

Do you think that the manager/producers of a site like this live in a bubble, or are they simply executing orders from a higher power? I can't imagine doing work like that for a site that has so many visitors. For such a vital aspect of a multi-million dollar web-based business, you'd think they would have marketing, design, and U.I. experts on staff full time. With a team of consumer psychologists on as consultants. I would, I guess that's what they think of the actual operation of the business. My guess is that companies like this are more concerned with the value of the stock and thier market cap...

I buy books at Borders, they are a better company and they need and care about my business.
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