Coming Back from a 1-5-3 Put Out
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On April 3rd, MLB pitcher Brandon McCarthy (wikipedia, twitter) will take the mound for his first regular season start as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It will also be the first regular season game he plays in since taking a line drive off the head last September. Buzzfeed contributor Michael J. Mooney profiles McCarthy.
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I remember when that happened, it was vicious. I'm glad that McCarthy's able and ready to come back.

on a totally terrible note, I am very impressed with how quickly the 3rd baseman was able to adjust to the sudden ricochet of McCarthy's head, barehand the ball, and get the runner at first.
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There's something about the expression on his face and the angle of his arm when he falls that terrifies me. Comebackers are an absolute horror.

On the plus side, this tweet upon his release from the hospital might be the funniest I'll ever read.
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The profile gives a good taste of what you can expect, but definitely check out McCarthy's twitter feed, linked above. One of my favorite people to follow.
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He's an all round good guy, and very funny too. Him and Chris Kluwe are by far my favorite sports personalities on Twitter, mostly 'cos they're kinda geeks too (okay in Chris Kluwe's case he's 100% geek)
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Twice I have had baseball lace imprints on my noggin for more than a day and that was at teenager house league velocities. I don't even want to work out the the kind of force that impact had.

That said I would take a comebacker to the head if I too could have an imported Japanese toilet.
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Brandon McCarthy is a really cool guy, and I'm sad he's no longer a Swingin' A:

He was on the A's, playing in Anaheim, when he watched as it was time for yet another session of the cringe-worthy Kiss Cam. "I cannot stand the Kiss Cam," he says. "It's so, so awkward already. Then they always end it with two guys that they show. And then everybody laughs and they giggle and the guys are embarrassed. I just started thinking about how this is homophobic at its base." He can imagine how it might look to gay people. "What if I'm there with my partner — what are you all laughing at?"

He had thought about it a few times before the night last April when he finally decided to tweet something about it: "They put two guys on the 'Kiss Cam' tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend."

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Yeah, I was keeping my fingers crossed the Red Sox would sign him in the offseason. There was talk they were interested, but the D-Backs snapped him up and they ended up overpaying Ryan Dempster. If the progress McCarthy has made over the last two seasons is any indication, 2013 could be his best year yet.
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What does 1-5-3 put out mean? Is it a sports thing?
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Each player on the field in baseball has a number associated with the position they play. 1-5-3 means the ball went to the pitcher, then the third baseman, then the first baseman, who tagged the runner out.
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I love Brandon McCarthy. I once saw him at the Wiener's Circle in Chicago, shortly after he'd been traded to the Rangers.

It was clear that he'd been there before, and as a beloved player for the White Sox, not the usual obnoxious, racist frat boy that is their typical customer. You could tell that he was going there to return and have some laughs with the staff.

But they wasted no time letting him know that things were now different. He played for another team, and was now the Enemy. I've never seen someone get turned on so quickly.

He took it in stride and seemed to have a great time.
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Glad your better, Brandon. We'll miss you in Oakland.
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Tough first start: A no decision in 5+ innings, 9 hits, 6 earned, and only one strikeout (no walks, for what it's worth.) Most of the damage came in the fifth inning following an errant throw to first (not his) that allowed a run to score, and he had trouble stopping the bleeding thereafter. Crazy game, many lead changes, ended in the 16th inning with an Arizona walkoff.

Next start will likely be 4/9 against Pittsburgh.
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