Eye candy, if you insist on calling it that
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Pictures of the architects, but not their work?
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A HuffPo slideshow featuring women not wearing bikinis and on a single page?!
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Out side of maybe Frank Lloyd Wright and IM Pei, can the average person name any architect ? (and I only know IM Pei because I find IM Pei's work horribly ugly)
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I don't know, k5, but I'd name the two John Woods', William Burges, John Nash, and Wren. I want to say Brunell was an architect too, but I'm not convinced.

Btw, who is the eye candy accusation in the title aimed at?
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After tarting a practice, which was at first entirely female, in London during the war...

Anyway... I have a book of Eileen Gray's work, and who hasn't heard of Denise Scott-Brown, but I didn't know about any of the others. It is a shame that no pictures of buildings were included.
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Christopher Wren...
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HuffPo would have a slideshow of woman architects and not include their work.

Sophia Hayden Bennett: Women's Building at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago

Marion Mahony Griffin: Fair Lane (Henry Ford's house)

Eileen Grey: E-1027 (more here)

Lilly Reich: Co-designer of the famous Barcelona Chair

Charlotte Perriand: These excellent chairs

Jane Drew: Kenneth Dike Library, Nigeria and lots of other work in developing countries.

Lina Bo Bardi: Sao Paulo Museum of Art

Anne Tyng: Tyng Toy

Norma Merrick Sklarek: US Embassy in Tokyo

Denise Scott Browne: Sainsbury Wing of the British National Gallery, Seattle Art Museum
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Photo choice was like dancing about architecture. Or something.
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can the average person name any architect

I think you could at least get name recognition with Philip Johnson, Frank Gehry, van de Rohe, Saarinen, McKim, Sanford White, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Bramante, Brunileschi.

Mind you, my grandfather was an architect, so I'm perhaps a bad sample.

(I suppose she's not exactly overlooked, but as we're talking women architects, how many persons in the street know the name Zaha Hadid?)
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Courbosier, Louis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright, Sullivan, IM Pei, Tadao Ando, and whoever designed the Lotus Temple in New Delhi

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I know of Zaha Hadid because she designed a museum in my town.
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Mary Colter designed many of the buildings at the Grand Canyon, including the Desert View Watchtower. She interpreted indigenous and local buildings in a really interesting way, and was a major influence on Southwestern style. The Watchtower is one of the cooler buildings I've ever been in--it feels like Rapunzel's tower.
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BWA: ", Saarinen,"

Pere et fils, wouldn't you say?

And I think most would recognize Gaudi.
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Lack of photos aside, great article to inspire me to google some :)
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Thank you, troika, for providing the actual content the original article was missing.

But now you've got me looking for and failing to find plans for building a Tyng Toy kit for my own kids. These two are probably the best sources online for figuring it out, not that I'm linking to them so that I can find them if I ever get around to it.
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I know of Zaha Hadid because...

Wow! That is a truly gorgeous building. Thanks, tresbizzare, I'm glad I saw that.
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