Obviously, Your Lord is the Fire Breathing Kraken.
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Aspiring Evil Overlord? Looking for a throne that suitably demonstrates your particular brand of madness? Or how about some weapons for your minions that instantly evoke fear and can't possibly go terribly wrong? I'm here to help. [via]
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Must. Have. Whale. Chair.
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What is dead may never die.
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FFS. Dude with flamethrower gloves? Loses his concentration for just a few seconds during a demonstration, fly lands on his forehead...
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Shouldn't the fire come out the top of your fists so that it goes forward? I get the whole Iron Man reference, but still seems like an obvious thing to overlook. Wouldn't you want the flame part as far away from you as possible when active? And is facial hair really the smartest move in this context?

Perhaps I'm over-thinking this, cause in my design...

wait, I've said to much...
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