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The Most Wicked Face Of Theda Bara
Bara’s extravagant image was the source of her fame, but it likewise shackled her to a very specific set of behaviors — and ways of appearing in public and on the screen. And like all star images, its potency, and its particular social resonance, faded with time. By 1920, Bara’s career was effectively over, and today, only one of her major films remains intact. But for a brief moment in cinematic history, her image functioned as a volatile conduit for displaced female desire. Bara’s image was the immaculate conflation of sex and evil, and in an era still governed by rigid codes of moral, spiritual, and social behavior, it was absolutely irresistible.
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Oh, suddenly I see where Siouxsie Sioux got her 1920-style inspiration from. Fantastic post, thank you.
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Theda Bera is like, Great Grandmother of the Goths.

Her name is an anagram of ARAB DEATH!
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I love sexy pre-Code Hollywood.
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For context, being an anagram of ARAB DEATH was used as a marketing tool. Also an anagram for A BAD HEART.
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I'd have to dig it out of my car, but I think she's quite cited in Goth Chic (Baddeley, 2006).
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One of my greatest secret pleasures is that my spouse looks a LOT like Theda Bara.
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You go, girl! - bewitching all the menfolk despite apparently wearing layers of Snuggies. "A Fool There Was" is due for a remake. (Try playing some Led Zep while you watch it.)
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Oh man, that outfit at 0:30 of the Cleopatra video... Oh man. Oh god. Oh man.
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Oh, I suddenly where Princess Leia's "Jabba the Hut scene" costume came from.
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Theda Bara is just riveting in A Fool There Was. The other actors have this stilted, vaudevillian theater style, and she's amazingly modern and fluid by comparison. She's very much a movie actor.
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I remember seeing those pictures of Bara when I was in high school and thinking "what could that absolutely blank expression possibly be trying to get across?"

'I am seductive and wicked' did not occur to me.
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Does this mean that Lady Gaga will one day lose her appeal?
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Anne Helen Petersen's entire Scandals of Classic Hollywood series is awesome. I hope she keeps it up for a long, long time.
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The Hair Pin article was a fun read - thanks for this post. I love the picture of Theda Bara just lounging around with her skeleton buddy.
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Also an anagram of HATED A BRA, which seems more appropriate.
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And for about three years, they did. Between 1915 and 1918, she appeared in thirty-three films. The Galley Slave, Sin, Destruction, The Serpent, The Tiger Woman, The Rose of Blood, The Forbidden Path, When a Woman Sins – you get the jist.

"Jist" is the combo of jism and gist.
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I finally got around to reading this. It would have been better with less lecturing.
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