GM accidentally leaks cat powered SUV prototype
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Operation Kitty Rescue. That is all.
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There are some good people in this world.
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I wondered what happened to ceiling cat.
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That cat's face in the video is all "No. This is the opposite of what I wanted."
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I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their SUVs, or why.
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That poor thing. Lucky there was a vet tech on hand. My neighbor's cat lost her leg from climbing up into a warm car. Cars are dangerous for cats.
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True story as related to me by my cousin's husband...
Every summer when he was a kid, his family, who lived just north of Indianapolis in Zionsville, drove east to vacation on Cape Cod. One year, they had gotten roughly half-way into Pennsylvania when they started hearing a really odd squealing/squeaking noise coming from under the hood. So, they pull over and their dad gets out and pops open the hood. When he does, out jumps the family cat, and runs off into the brush. Apparently, the noise they heard was kitty meowing and howling.

The dad, of course, has very terse words for the cat and gets back in and prepares to continue on. The kids, on the other hand, are beside themselves over the thought of abandoning the family pet in the wilds of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, the kids convince dad and mom to catch kitty and drive it home...all the way back to Zionsville.
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Poor thing. I hope they rescued the mouse she went in after as well.
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Never a dull moment at the Chevy dealer, eh?
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He didn't have to pay anything. Something to keep in mind for your next oil change.
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All I could think of watching this video was - has anyone stuffed their dead cat's head and mounted it on the wall? Eyes open preferably, monitoring the room with utter contempt, ad infinitum.
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Found Missing - for future reference, the Ceiling Cat is right over here.
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"I just kept going, oh what is this going to cost me?"

This was my dad's attitude toward family pets and as I get it older I'm inheriting it.
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Cats do this a lot in the winter; they're after the heat of a cooling engine. (Heat-seeking cats!!). I got in the habit of whacking the hood of my car a couple times before getting in. Have had a cat and a raccoon run off on separate occasions.
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