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In 1933 political activist and champion for sexual freedom Aurora Rodriguez killed her Utopian 'project' and brilliant young daughter Hildegart. The Red Virgin is a short film about Hildegart by Sheila Pye. (all films somewhat NSFW)

More films by Sheila Pye and her ex-husband Nick.

Loudly Death Unites
A young man and woman's isolated life is interrupted when a child burrows her way into the back room of their dilapidated shack. Like the wail of a banshee, she begins to play a haunting song to them on her violin, warning them of death. Unable to get into the mysterious room, they become increasingly perplexed and frustrated by her presence. When the woman begins to become unaffected by the forces of gravity, he must decide to heed the banshee's call and say goodbye to his lover.

A Life of Errors
In a decrepit three-room house two lovers, played by the filmmakers, fall out of each other's graces and turn bitter enemies without exchanging words. In the theatrical dream world of their sleep, they endeavor to harm each other though a series of childish games, which inevitably go too far. Growing increasingly distrustful of one another, these somnambulists become finely skilled at the unmaking of love.

The Paper Wall
Boxed into twin rooms yet separated by a thin wall, a brother and sister communicate their desires. Emotional interdependence transforms the characters from healthy young people into a convalescent couple that physically need one another to perform simple bodily functions, such as breathing. Stunning, provocative and perplexing, the pair is irresistible to watch as they become increasingly reliant on one another.

The Arsonist
On an isolated Ontario farm, 8 year old Nicole awakes in summer morning. In those early moments of the day between waking and rising from bed, she remembers an encounter last winter with an elderly woman in a snowstorm. Her thoughts, imagination, and isolation are satisfied through fire as she bedroom ceiling transforms into a snowy landscape.

The Flower Eaters
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Man - that just screams Bioshock somehow.
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Man - that just screams Bioshock somehow.

I think the bioshock version would be a man starving his child to death for not being useful enough.
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