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The Power Button is the podcast from Press the Buttons, a site about gaming that's run by one man, Matthew Green, but has such extremely professional standards that you'd never know it apart from the tag line. Contained within are several interesting regular themes, like Beyond Beeps that covers early video game music which is actually quite good despite the beepy-ness, and Secret Origins relating personal and remarkably interesting stories concerning when and how he obtained various games, really. The latest entry is about him proposing to his girlfriend. There's a new weekly poll approximately every Monday, and articles like Open Up The Zelda Box about unique and interesting things that you don't see on a day to day news site. In the podcast, he talks with a couple co-hosts and occasionally has guests. Here are some of the more interesting episodes …

Episode 36: AJ LoCascio Takes Us Back To The Future! (Plus A Discussion On Time Travel Games) An interview with the voice actor for Marty McFly in Back to the Future who's more than just another sound-alike.

Episode 69: Heated Discussions Regarding Uncharted 3 And Super Mario 3D Land Which proves they can strongly disagree with one another without losing intellectual credibility.

Episode 68: Arkham City's Last Laugh Warning! Serious story spoilers within this episode, so make sure you've already played the game before you listen.

Episode 95: The Force Is With Neil Sorens Of Zen Studios And Star Wars Pinball If you love Star Wars and/or pinball, check this out!

Episode 97: Paging Through The Industry Talks about bringing magazine style publications into the digital age.
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One of the few blogs posted here that I think I'll keep up with. Still reading articles. Good stuff and thanks for the post.
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Ah, a new gaming podcast that looks like it maybe doesn't suck! Thanks for the find!
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Ok, so I'm listening to the Uncharted 3 episode, and they've been complaining about the difficulty for twenty minutes, and it's like, guys: you can put the game on easy, you know. Difficulty level masochists who won't go below normal make me roll my eyes.
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I can't seem to figure out what the non-iTunes feed is to subscribe to this, if there is one. Can anyone clue me in?
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Hey, this is my site and podcast! It's awesome to see it turn up here. I've been running Press The Buttons since 2005 and we've been doing Power Button since 2010. Prior to that we did another podcast, Kombo Breaker, for the now-defunct that ran for 50 episodes in 2009. I post reruns of Kombo Breaker on weeks when Power Button takes a vacation.

The non-iTunes podcast feed is

The iTunes feed is not as useful as I'd like. It's pointed at the main website feed rather than the podcast feed, so iTunes only shows the most recent episode until it drops off the front page of the site. I've tried to get Apple to change that, but they refuse, so I'm stuck. If anyone knows how to make that happen and can help, I'd really appreciate it.
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