Escape From The Planet Of The Pink Monkey Birds
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Escape From The Planet Of The Pink Monkey Birds

for me the best thing to come of the new David Bowie album is this cover version of Where Are We Now

recorded by Momus and posted to his youtube channel within hours of the original song’s release, the video is both chilling and uplifting. a fairly ‘deep’ commentary when one views the contrast between the straight-ish Bowie’s status as one-time gay icon, and the footage of Roddy McDowell, a reputedly real life (though professionally closeted) gay man, being transformed into his character in make-up tests for “Planet Of The Apes.”

to see him really get the hang of how his prosthetic face works just floors me. all nuance and menace and humor. the fact that the cover version is a quick approximation gives it that much more power. coupled with McDowell’s on screen transformation it says a lot about not just homage, but self and identity and who’s allowed to lay full claim to humanity. as Momus becomes Bowie for the course of the song we are left to reflect on authenticity, projection and myth making. the parallels with Ziggy Stardust or any of Bowie’s on-stage persona’s is not lost.
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i know it's Zira in the last link, but come on, visually it's close enough.

p.s. first post
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This post reminded me to listen to his Frilly Military Lady again.
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Pink monkey birds you say?
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Hey nice! Bowie always makes me comfortable and afraid.
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The significance of this is lost on me, but it did lead me to this comment thread from an earlier, angrier MetaFilter.
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