If you take this podcast as a joke you'll have to restart life
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This should probably be marked NSFW, although it'll vary by episode.

The description of the one on body modification sounds like nightmare fuel:
Theirs is a place where people can gather to discuss doing terrible things to their flesh with other people who won't try to talk them out of it. This week, you're gonna wish we had anesthetic.

That reminds me, I've been meaning to make a post about trepanning for some time now, the act of cutting a hole in one's skull for medical/spiritual/psychic purposes, which I was introduced to awhile ago by the book Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions, which contains a written account by someone who trepanned himself. Please take my advice: don't think too hard about that if you want to hold on to your sanity points. I think I lost a good D6 from that chapter.

I've not listened to any of these yet, from the descriptions most seem interesting and funny, although a few may fall into the making-fun-of-the-mentally-ill category. Still, YMMV. Scattered through these are entries of a second podcast, Irregular, which also seems like it might be interesting.
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Oh wow! This seems to be made by some of the forum people from Portal of Evil / PoE-News. Nice to see.
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I've been pointed to not_on_display's excellent post from a few years ago on trepanning. Seeing as how I value my peace of mind/untroubled dreams/digestive process, I think I'll leave his work as the final word on that extremely disturbing process.
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I first heard about trepanning from The X-Files, and sorta wondered if it worked.
The F-Plus is funny, and while I won't claim it isn't problematic they basically just read stuff in funny voices without much editorializing. I like how they complained the Sherlock fanfic they were reading wasn't sexy enough.
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This is my favorite podcast. Not to threadshit, but I think people would have been more interested with more of a description. It's a podcast that tends to find odd things to read, usually strange web communities, occasionally someone's weird blog or fanfic, and very rarely, books. The readers often pause to make jokes and comments on what they read. The episodes tend to be hilarious, terrifying, or both. Body Modification and the insect fetishists are probably the scariest ones yet.

They seem like well-adjusted, nice people, and seem self-aware enough to know and regret when they have crossed a line. Irregular is also a good podcast, which is often in an attempt to better understand people from communities they read about. For example, after reading some weird profiles on pounce, in the closing notes, one of them makes a joke he regrets, leading to them deciding to make an Irregular episode interviewing Furries, because they felt they didn't really understand the community.

One of my favorite episodes is the Kindle porn episode (Amazon Recommends Years of Therapy). Another great one is a free legal advice forum.
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Close in the running of my favorite podcasts is also Welcome to Night Vale. If you imagine AM community radio from a town of weird occurrences like Gravity Falls or Twin Peaks, you have this podcast. It's worth a post, IMHO, and the continuity of things many shows would treat like a one-off joke is really great. For example, in the first episode, an old woman claims some angels came over, liked her, and changed her light bulbs, who then subsequently tries to sell the dead bulbs as relics. Later episodes mention her getting more help from angels, and having "angelic immunity" to some of the town's hardships.
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They seem like well-adjusted, nice people

speaking as someone who did this kind of thing at one time, no one who does this kind of thing is "well-adjusted"
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A similar podcast (that I prefer over The F-Plus, to be honest) is Lou Reads the Internet for You. One guy and less... obnoxious... than the readers on this podcast can be.
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