He is interested in confusion
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‘I am a phantasmagoric maximalist. I like things to be overwhelmingly strange and capacitous. I want what I write to live; it isn’t about something, it is something’— Michael Cisco.

Michael Cisco is a professor, novelist, critic and translator. An aficionado and idiosyncratic exponent of weird fiction, his published works include The Divinity Student, The Golem, Secret Hours, The Tyrant, The Traitor, The Narrator, The Great Lover, and Celebrant. Some shorter texts published on-line are The Thing in the Jar and The Vile Game of Gunter and Landau. Also see his series of short essays Jungle Mind, and his commentary on Kafka’s ‘Zurau Aphorisms.’
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He has described his work as "de-genred" fiction.
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I like the blog about the Zurau Aphorisms. I'm not sure how much his interpretation helps - part of the fun is interpreting for yourself - but they make fine reading just the same.
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Read a number of his short stories and The Great Lover, also met him at a recent conference. Amazing prose that feels perhaps like immersion into something that might contain fragments of an Escher drawing or Ernst painting or Lynch film.
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Nice fpp! I have The Divinity Student, which is very enjoyable and weird as shit and probably will require a number of re-readings. I would love to get that Centipede press box . . . I just wish that they did larger print runs at lower prices. I know that this is probably the most economically feasible way for Centipede to sell books, but arrrrrrgh there are many books they put out that I want and can't afford.
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