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Ouchyy... that's just asking for an accident! Is ice skating a safe sport? Who knew skating could be so dangerous?
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My girlfriend is a figure skater... she's got a few spots where she got nailed by a toepick, has a couple vertabrae that are nearly fused, arthritic knees, etc. -- and she's only 18.
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But think of the benefits. Skating and holding up pretty women like that.........
posted by ericdano at 2:54 PM on November 27, 2001

I believe that particular hold is called "the six-pack"...
posted by rusty at 2:58 PM on November 27, 2001

I think when the East Germans did it, it was called the "Bowling Ball".

But seriously, of course ice skating is dangerous. Traveling at the speeds they do on rock-hard ice, with all the jumping and spinning, there's bound to be severe injury sooner or later.

Me, I can't even get an ice cube out of the freezer without getting hurt.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 3:04 PM on November 27, 2001

Figure skating is dangerous, even off of the ice...just ask Nancy Kerrigan.
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six-pack grip....'Shocker'.
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Heh, might be dangerous. But I wouldn't mind being the guy there :P
posted by delmoi at 3:15 PM on November 27, 2001

this guy has clearly benefitted from his regular on-ice workouts, but even he cringes at the mere thought of what might happen if something should go wrong for those other two....
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But Woody Allen makes it look so easy.
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From the safety site;
Signs your child may have frostbite:
* Tingling, burning and throbbing sensations

Hmm. I think that may also be a sign that your child has the clap.
posted by ColdChef at 3:21 PM on November 27, 2001

Rash of Injuries Puts Spotlight on Jumps, Training.
"Quadruples and triples that were a rarity only a few years ago are commonplace now, and skaters' bodies take a pounding as they try to master them. When they land a jump, skaters bring a force of seven times their body weight down on a blade only as wide as a straw...skaters go six days a week, 12 months a year, year in and year out. If they're not training, they're competing. If they're not competing, they're doing shows."
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When I was learning how to skate one of the friends who had warned me about not falling on the blades, slipped and fell on his, which resulted in a big long gash on his leg.
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Do you think that he sniffs his hand when he's done with that move?
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The jumps aren't the only dangerous part of figure skating. In 1996 or 1997, Russia's Elena Berezhnaya and her pairs teammate were practicing their routine. As they were doing side by side camel spins, her teammate's skate collided with her head, causing a life-threatening brain injury. She recovered, found a new partner (who she could presumably trust not to collide with her) and they won the silver medal at the Nagano Olympics in 1998.
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May I suggest Little Girls in Pretty Boxes.
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?, rather
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I remember watching some special about that Berezhnaya gal. Scary stuff. I took an ice skating class and they always said if you've not fallen while skating, you're not trying anything new. Well, damnit, I tried some spins, and tripped and fell on my knee. That was the end of ice skating for awhile.

Anyone remember the SNL skits about ice skating? My favourite was the one with Jason Priestley where he just kept falling repeatedly (a painful echo of an Olympic performance by some French gal who fell at every jump she tried and was sobbing as she finished her routine) but there was also a more recent one with Chris Farley skating with Nancy Kerrigan. He was pretty adept on those blades.
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